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Joyce Wasser

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Pittsburgh, PA


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I started taking photos a long time ago as a child with a hand me down old Kodak camera that took a 125 film cartridge. At first it was simply a means to record events, places and people, but now I find excitement in trekking, usually by bicycle, through cities, small towns, rural communities, abandon industrial sites and old buildings. I absorb the sights, sounds, smells and lighting of new places and try to capture their essence and communicate something of their majesty, mystery, memory, and drama.

For me photography is a way to share the excitement and beauty of the world and express my own unique view of it. It's an art and a powerful communicator.

I am also an artist dabbling in many media.


Downtown at Sunset by Joyce Wasser


Water Lilies 3 by Joyce Wasser


Nature's Work by Joyce Wasser


Spillway At North Park by Joyce Wasser


Graveyard 2 by Joyce Wasser


Faded Love by Joyce Wasser


Face of The Sea by Joyce Wasser


Pittsburgh Series 2 by Joyce Wasser


Urban Decay by Joyce Wasser


P N C PARK by Joyce Wasser


Rusty Tractor 3 by Joyce Wasser


P P G and Market Square by Joyce Wasser


Bast by Joyce Wasser